October 20, 2009

Make your OWN playdough!!

So I started to volunteer at my sons school. I really like his school, so really its not "WORK", its more getting out of the house and learning more about his teachers, principals and school in general.
Last week we made play dough for the teachers classrooms. It was so much fun that I came home to do it with My kids. I enjoyed watching them help and they loved every minute of it, especially getting more playdough.
So.. Here is the recipe we used. It is super easy and Only takes a few minutes.


3 cups water
3 cups flour
1 1/2 cups salt
3 tsp. vegetable oil
6 tsp cream of tartar
food coloring
scented oil (if you choose), i opted out but it could smell better!!


Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. Stir continuously until lumps are mostly gone
Once well blended, Heat all ingredients in a saucepan, slow to medium heat.
Stir continuously. The dough will begin to thicken until it resembles mashed potatoes.
Once dough is at the consistency you want, remove from heat. Turn the dough out onto a clean counter,pan, or silicone mat,let cool and knead vigorously until it becomes silky-smooth.
*Store in an airtight container or baggie.

Easy Peasy!! Let me know if you make some and how it comes out!! I think this would be a great party favor idea!! Package them in baggies with cute labels.


Manuela said...

It's so fun!! My recipe sounds quite similar to yours. I haven't done it in a couple of years now.

Priscila said...

oh Ive done this!!! Its wonderful because my kids just leave out the "real" stuff and it gets dried out! Plus you can make this one smell really good!!! You have a beautiful blog! I have enjoyed my visit!!!

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Little Lovables said...

what a great recipe! I made playdough once and it was a disaster! I'll have to try this out

Luana said...

This is cool beyond words!!