January 6, 2009

Late.. Late.. Late

So i am very late posting stuff. Ive had tons of updates and have yet to force myself to post anything at all. No writers block here, just too busy, stressed and lazy to say the least!

So.. Ending of December. wow last month of 2008..
We had Rylees 4th birthday party. We had him a Batman party and Batman HIMSELF showed up!! I was soo lucky to find this guy, he was really nice and even did it for a great price!! & He wasnt just any Batman, he was a full on Batman, 4000 dollar suit and all! Rylee was a little taken back,very emberassed, but got used to him near the end!

Other than his party.

We also found out that we are going to be an Aunt and Uncle again.. yes (Again).C'MON people i already have 9 nephews and nieces!!! I feel like everyone around me is pregnant. Lets just hope i dont drink their water!! Fingers crossed!!

Xmas was great. We stayed home this year. Hung out with the inlaws and thats about it. We were very blessed with everything we got and it was the FIRST year of us being married, so it was even more special!!

New Years we stayed home as well, we had NO KIDS PEOPLE.. NO KIDS!!! They were both with the grandparents. They left a day after Xmas and we had a kid free week. It wasnt just boring to me, being home alone, but it was sooo relaxing. I didnt have to make meals, or listen to whining. I didnt have to YELL, like im usually doing. Im trying to stop that by the way. Anyhoot. New Yrs we stayed home, did NOTHING.. Not even a single drink! Which is fine by me, cause we dont drink, but still, i mean, how lame are we? :D

January 2009 came TOO soon!! We were all sick.. yes ALL... Kids are still sick to this day. I took them to the doctor yesterday and Rylee is still congested, still has to be on breathing treatments and Alexandrea has an ear infection and viral infection. (THANKS GRANDMAS) I feel like every time they leave they come home sick. I think i need to limit that for now on!!

As far as Resolutions go... We made none. Im not good at resolutions, i tend to break everything i make. So i am just going to make Goals that hopefully i can reach!
Here is a few!!
I want to be a happier person and try not to be negative in any way!

I want to be healthier, its horrible that i weigh the same amount i did when i was pregnant!!!

I want to be a more loving mom. Im not a horrible mom, i just know i yell WAY too much!

I will try to be more independent!! Ive noticed that lately ive counted on people way too much!!

I will say I love you more.. Not only to my family, but to my parents, grandparents, brothers, etc.. I was never RAISED with that word said alot, and so im just not all Lovey Dovey like most people are. Its a horrid thing i know, but I will Try Harder!!

I will cut down on Dr.Pepper and eating out!! We eat out atleast TWICE a week and that alone is hurting our health AND our pockets!! So for now on ONCE a week if not at all! and COKES, I will limit it to half of what i usually drink! I cant just quit cold turkey, im not as brave as other people.. Me without Caffeine is like you poking a bear!! No bueno!!

That is all for now.. Im sure i will add more as i go. I am also wanting to make a Life list. a list of things i want to accomplish in my life. Whether it takes a week, months or years. I want to be able to mark stuff off of my list!!!

So thats all. Have a great 2009!!


frazzledlashawn.com said...

WOW a blog post from Amanda. Is it a full moon? Did Hell freeze over?

Good goals...now follow through.

Shana Banana said...

LOL...ignore her! You are a great mom...yelling is part of the gig. As for the caffiene...NO WAY...just switch to unsweet tea and add splenda...ta da!!! I told Lashawn we need a girl's night at the roller rink...LOL!!