January 29, 2009

im the CEO

So.. its that time again.. My birthday, My moms birthday and my Dads birthday is coming up! I will be 24, My mom 46 and my dad the big 50!

I am thrilled and have already started everyones birthday plans! You see, if i dont, nothing will ever get done.. My mom works 6days a week and my dad, well.. he's a dad..

These are the days when i wished i had sisters. Having 3 brothers isnt easy by any means but its FUN and i get my own personal bodyguards!

See.. thats me and my bodyguards:D

BUT having sisters would be easier planning things, sharing clothes,shopping. you know, the usual, fun stuff.. Then i think about all the hormones and the drama and well.. i change my mind. So until i just so happen to get a make believe or fairy-god sister.., i will be CEO of All Things FUn.... WIsh me Luck! :D

- OH and if you JUST SO HAPPEN to have great 50th Bday Ideas, PLEASE let me know!!

1 comment:

~Jamie said...

I have no great ideas, but man that would be a LOT of birthdays to try to put on at one time haha good luck!