November 19, 2008

Party Update...

So..Alex's party was a hit!! She got LOTS of stuff she has been wanting, was very greatful for them and She had tons of friends show up. The decorations-cupcakes looked very adorable!(although i didnt get a taste, i heard they were good)

Our hostess was great.. Very helpful, even though she seemed a little stressed.. I think i scared her .. since i was wanting to know why we had started late.. I wasnt trying to be mean, just didnt want to go over our timeline.. I let her know she did a great job though :D So it was overall a great party.

Now... I just need to start on Rylees Batman party.. I already ordered his goody bags, just need to get balloons and cupcakes. He will be having his party @ the same place. He has less kids to invite, seeing that he is turning 4 and is not in school yet, so this one should be a BREEZE! I wanted to get one of my husbands friends to dress up as Batman and make an appearance, but the hubby turned it down (i know Lashawn probably would too) Her way of thinking. "Less is better.." Sometimes i think she is right.. very right.. (now, if i could only abide by it, then life would be great)

oh.. and Thank You Lashawn for taking great pictures :D I owe you a bunch!

group pic..

My birthday girl..

Her cupcakes and the stands i altered for them!

Our gift to her..


LaShawn said...

You are welcome.

And yes, less is better, but it was fun!

Liz said...

your daughter is adorable. it looks like you threw an awesome party and those cupcakes, yum!