November 7, 2008

It's Been a while...

Since I've gotten off my lazy bOoty and posted something. Its not that I dont have time (because i do), It's just that ive been a very busy bee!

So far:

Rylee has been playing Blastball ( its a smaller form of tball) and his last game is Tomorrow. He is a DODGER # 2..!! GO DODGERS!!

Alex will be turning 7 on Monday.. Boy has the year just floated on by! Not only is she growing up, but she is becoming more intelligent and beautiful everyday.. She is having a Littlest Pet Shop party @ one of our fave kid spots in town. Its going to be a BLAST.. if the anxiety and the heap of kids dont get to me first!

My dad was in the hospital and I had to go help him for a week. His appendix was on the verge of rupturing and had to have emergency surgery. I wasnt so worried because my friends Dad was his Surgeon and took good care of him.. BUT...Two days after his release he got pneumonia and had to go BACK to the hospital for another week! (that was the longest week of my life). not just because i was in a hospital most of the time, i mean.. it dosent bother me about being in a hospital, my mom works the E.R. so im used to being there. But its the fact that i had to take care of a 49yr old man. I LOVEEEEE my dad to death, i wouldnt know what i would do without him, but something about a SICK WHINY Dad that makes you want to hide under a rock for a month!

Rudy has games on Every Monday (baseball). He has a few more games till its over!
So other than that.. we are just Trying to ignore everyone and catch up on our Family time. (dont take it personally)- cause some people do!!
Rudy just works alot and we try to stick together as much as we can when he is home.

Halloween was great. Rylee was a UPS man like his daddy.. and Alex was a Bumble Bee. Rylees costume was such a hit, that UPS is putting him in their Western Distric Newsletter for next month! I will make sure to show everyone!

So thats it.. everything that has been going on.. Ill be sure to keep updating and blogging more.. cause you know.. its not like i dont have the time :D

- Amanda

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LaShawn said...

Finally an update...makes me so proud! You are right...busy stuff just gets the better of us sometimes.