July 21, 2008


So Rudys grandmother passed away 7 days ago. She had Alzheimers for 11 years. Exactly the same year that Rudy and I met, so i regret that i never fully knew "HER".. What i do know, is that his grandfather stuck by her every single day of her life. He set his schedule around her. Everything revolved around Mary, Although she couldnt speak, walk, feed or clothe herself anymore, there wasnt a day that went by that she wasnt dressed up and looking her best... You knew that what they had was True Love.. We loved grandma very much and we will miss her dearly!!

Rudy and I are walking in Memory of her this year at UTA in Arlington. It is an Alzheimers Association walk on October 4th at 8am... We will start our team page soon and I will give it to anyone who is interested to donate or just check out what it is about. Alzheimers is a terrible thing and I hope that nobody has to go through it. Its devastating to lose a loved one, and much more that for years they didnt know who you were anymore!

Thanks, Amanda and Rudy

we made our page!!

Please help by donating for a good cause. Not only will you feel better about yourself but you will help find a cure. Alzheimers is a terrible disease and nobody deserves to have their lives ruined by it!
Thankyou in Advance!

Health and Happiness Always,
Amanda and Rudy

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Shana Banana said...

Alzheimers is horrible...my great aunt started going downhill at 60. She doesn't know her husband anymore. I am sorry that you guys have had to deal with this...I know that she is much happier to have her mind back. You guys will be in my prayers!!!